We're advocates of providing 'professional love'

Put simply professional love is mindful compassion; where people feel understood, respected, loved, heard and valued as part of a social group, where kinship, caring and secure relationships help people to thrive. 

So whether that's simply knowing what brand of biscuits someone likes, how they like there clothes folded, what their favourite mug is ... it's ingrained in what we do.   By doing the small things, we make huge gains for our clients, making  the world a cheerier place to be.  

Here's what some of our clients and their families day about us ...

Lady with cup tea.jpg

Children away 

My mum is in her 70's & still lives in Scotland. I live in Wales and want to know that someone is going see her regularly and helping her with daily tasks like doing her food shop. Diane at Home Help Me Care stays in touch with me as well as my mum. 

Happy Elderly Cpuple.jpg

Supporting Couples 

These days, my husband is not so keen to go out so much, whereas I still like to regularly go out. Home Help Me Care will come and keep him company and do light jobs around the house.   They'll bring books of interest for him to peruse, bake a cake and play chess with him. 

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House proud 

My wife of 50 years passed away last year and we don't have any children or family. My wife was so very house proud. Home Help Me Care not only help me keep my house looking clean, they'll also pop in and have a cuppa with me and cook my favourite dinners. 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the help you and Sarah have given me to recover from my knee operation. Your professionalism, care and kindness has been invaluable. We are so lucky to have your nearby. We can’t thank you enough.
— Mrs Sheridan, Cramond
They are genuine in their care and keep me well informed. They are discreet in the services they provide to my mum and it feels like the old days when neighbours would pop in and have a wee cuppa, blether and do some jobs. I trust them implicitly.
It gives my mum something to look forward to each week. She loves to have a wee cuppa, cake and a blether.
— June, Barnton