At Home Help Me Care, we accept a range of funding options. We accept local authority funded clients (with top up) and privately funded clients, and will work to create the right package of care.

Navigating the care system can be complex and sometimes confusing. At Home Help Me Care we can guide you through this process and provide advocacy to ensure your loved ones voice is heard.

In 2013 The Scottish Parliament passed a new law on social care support, the Social Care Act 2013. The Act gives people a range of options for how their care and support is delivered, which is beyond just direct payments, empowering people to decide how much control they have in their care & support.  The act has been translated into an easy understand principles.

Common questions about accessing self directed support:

Question: Is care at home means tested?

Answer: Care at home is not mean tested (financial).

Question: How do I arrange for an assessment?

Answer: There are a number of ways you can do this:

  1. Your GP can refer you

  2. Anyone or a representative (family friend, next of kin, Power of Attorney) can contact Social Care Direct on 0131 200 2324 and request an assessment.

  3. If you have been in hospital, the discharge team will sometimes arrange for you to be assessed in the community

Question: How long does it take?

Answer: It can take several weeks for your request to be processed and be allocated to the relevant Social Work Team, so it’s important that if you feel you need help to not delay requesting an assessment. Previously, the average wait time for an initial assessment was 6 week, though with increasing demands for care, it can now take much longer.

Question: Who does the assessment ?

Answer: This can vary, often it will be a community Social Social Worker or Community Worker or a Community Occupational Therapist. Often, more than one professional will be involved.

Question: What kind of things will they ask me?

Answer: They will complete ‘My Support Assessment’, which cover things like what your needs are, how you feel about living at home, what support the carer needs, medication and medical conditions. If Home Help Me Care is involved in your care already, we can provide them with additional information.

Question: If I am awarded a contribution toward my care how is this paid?

Answer: You can elect which route you want to take to receive your support:


“I receive a budget to spend on the support which best suits my needs.”

This is usually called a direct payment. The council pay money directly to you and you arrange your own support by employing care staff or buying services from one or more organisations. Sometimes the provider charge is higher than the council funding limit, so you might need to top it up. 


“I choose the support which best suits my needs and the council or a third party make the arrangements.”

The council or an organisation of your choice holds the money but you are in charge of how it is spent. This is known as an Individual Service Fund (ISF). Sometimes the provider charge is higher than the council funding limit, so you need to top it up and ensure you have funds to continue topping up as long as you need care.


“I agree for the council to spend the money on the support they feel best meets my needs.”

You ask your council to choose and arrange the support that they think is right for you.


“A mix of options 1, 2 and 3.”

Option 4 lets you choose a mix of these options for different types of support.